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My dog was diagnosed with autoimmune disease at Animial Emergency Ctr on Sat.I had warned them the dog had agressive tendincies in veterniry care and muzzled dog for them.

The staff removed muzzle and following day complained of is aggressiveness.My dog was sent home with prednisone and direction to see my vet on monday. No blood counts wer taken to see if the dog was well enough to do home.They were incapable of handling such a situation. They should have referred me to a place that could handle such a severe illness and the dogs behaviors.

By the time I got to my vet the dog was so ill, I was sent to a critical care unit.The dog passed away.

Such dogs can be handled and cared for with a cage muzzle.

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Sorry about your dog.I work in a private practice and on the few occasions on Sundays that our clients have to see the local Emergency hospital we get a transfer from them bright and early Monday morning.

Regardless of your dogs disposition it should have been treated appropriately. Bloodwork, xrays, etc. can all be done if the owner is willing.

Unfortunately, I don't know all the ins and outs of your pets case, but I can honestly say that in alot of instances autoimmune diseases such as auto-immune hemolytic anemia are a bad deal.

In many cases, by the time the owner recognizes a problem, the patient is extremely ill and may not respond to any treatment at all.I'm not sure what your pet was diagnosed with, but I'm guessing that it was pretty bad since it passed away so suddenly.

Sorry for your loss!:(

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